Memes are so much fun.  And, so effective.  Our Facebook data shows that memes are shared and commented on far more than posts with only text, video or other types of images.  I listen to our message, brainstorm visuals, create using PhotoShop magic, and share share away. Here are some samples.

Advocacy Campaign: S.S. Badger

Message: Stop the S.S. Badger from dumping coal ash into Lake Michigan

BadgerMeme3 BadgerMeme2 BadgerMeme1

Advocacy Campaign: Illinois RPS

Message: The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) benefits the people of Illinois through jobs, investment and economic development


Report Release: Farm Energy Success Stories

Message: Farm energy programs help real American farmers, serve a wide range of technologies, and provide myriad benefits

Facebook-SpencerTeaser Facebook-RinglerTeaser Facebook-ReedsTeaser
Facebook-GunnisonTeaser Facebook-BeebeTeaser

Advocacy Campaign: Saugatuck Dunes

Message: The Saugatuck Dunes are a Michigan landmark that people want to protect

SaugatuckMeme2 SaugatuckMeme1