Year-End Reports

ELPC doesn’t have a traditional “annual report” like many non-profits, but our “end-of-year report” (affectionately dubbed the E-O-Y) is a close substitute.  When I joined ELPC’s staff in 2007, it was a rather sad 8.5×11 piece featuring a large staff photo on one side and six smaller photos with captions on the other.  It was with effort that my communications-development team expanded the EOY to more fully describe some of our successes from the year (and to shrink that darn staff photo).  Over time, the format has expanded and changed further with guidance from management.  They determine the strategy while I draft (and re-draft…and re-draft) the text as well as choose the artwork, create the layout, and manage production.

EOY-2009cover EOY-2011cover
EOY-2012cover EOY-2013cover